Why this?

books on shelves

I mean, why not? American civilization is disintegrating as we watch, and when amid societal madness my personal life was abruptly smashed to bits overnight, I realized I’ll have to jettison a lifetime of books. You know, in order to move on in something smaller than a freight car? All that hard-wrought wisdom hauled away in grocery bags! No. Every book must be scoured one last time for messages, presages, hints at paths to sanity or redemption or something before the dark dive into those bags.

Over fifty? You’ll have read the same books, so come along for the ride and contribute your take on Siddhartha or Pale Horse, Pale Rider if you feel like it.

Plus I write books and it’s time for a new one, but which one? What sort of novel makes sense now? Another Bo Bradley mystery? The much-demanded sequel to my vampire epic or a romance? Gay or straight? Magical realism or maybe something really edgy and strange? Whatever it turns out to be, I welcome your company on the journey!

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an author ransacking literature for signs.


Big life changes and another book to write, but which one?